Signs o’ Life- An August View from the Potted Vegetable Garden

Potted Vegetable Garden Early August 

The potted vegetable garden is growing into August. Some plants didn’t make it. RIP broccoli. The broccoli showed promise in the beginning of July but honestly I don’t recommend attempting growing broccoli in a pot. With its thick stems and wide-body, the broccoli just doesn’t have sufficient room to expand in pots. The Mesclun was a bit disappointing this year because it was growing abundantly into late June but then sort of dried up and wilted away. I think the overall theme this year is that many of these vegetable plants need ample space for growth. 

Cherry tomatoes -can always count on them to grow

The Armenian cucumber plant, which started so small with feeble, greenish-yellowish stems, is actually showing signs of life. The cucumber stems have started spiraling up the trellis with yellow flowers attached to the body. The eggplant plant is showing signs of life as well-gorgeous purple eggplant flowers started forming from what was once just a green, bland-looking plant. And finally, the zucchini is the highlight of this year’s garden-the zucchini is such a strong, resilient plant; The zucchini leaves and stems are so large that I can’t see the pot anymore! 

Early August and finally signs of life, Gorgeous Purple Eggplant Flowers
Yellow Peppers-a day or two away from being picked
Zucchini WINS-voluminous leaves and stems dwarf its small pot 
Green Beans are growing

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