Summer Livin’ means Fillin’ (your belly) w Grillin’


Grilling in the summer is the best. Cold beer or a chilled glass of Sauvignon Blanc, (maybe a scotch or a martini on a Friday night), grab a small antipasto plate, some spicy salami, olives, and slices of Manchego cheese while you “wait” and grill the night away.

Our kitchen gets hot, so we grill outside about four times per week during the summer, rain or shine. I don’t love grilling in the rain because then you lose a hand, literally, to an umbrella. But I rather grill with one hand then stay inside and order Dominos!
Overtime, I’ve grown to love going outside to grill, cooking up a NY Strip or Salmon, burgers,  chicken sausages, and the go-to vegetable, corn -with the husk on.
To all you grillers out there, I raise my tongs to you, happy summer livin’.
Grilled dogs and two hot dogs! 
Grilling, rain or shine
 Our Weber Grill Upgrade 
Grilled NY Strip and Zucchini, an occasional treat 
Grilled burger, tomatoes from our garden, grilled corn


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