Mt. Desert Island Ice Cream Review

Sea Salt Caramel ice cream cone, Mount Desert Island does so well

Sea Salt Caramel ice cream cone, Mount Desert Island does so well

If you happen to be in the Portland, Maine area, definitely check out Mt. Desert Ice Island Ice Cream.  With flavors like apple pie, blueberry sour cream, Indian pudding, Bay of Figs, and Mexican chocolate, it’s a perfectly balanced ice cream with a refreshing aftertaste. I give it a top score, so two scoops up!

The best way to describe this ice cream is flavor.

Sandy had the sea salt caramel ice cream and I got a scoop of the deconstructed s’mores and a scoop of the cookies and cream. The ice cream flavors are so fresh, delicious, and creamy, you want to immediately have another bite. And the aftertaste is refreshing and not too heavy on your stomach.

I’ve been to the NY Fancy food show and tried several sea salt caramel ice creams but Sandy’s sea salt at Mt. Desert Ice Cream was intoxicatingly delicious.

I was in Portland, Maine for two days. Did I go back to Mt. Desert on day two? Yes, as soon as it opened!

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