Our meal at Grappa was Crap-pa

My meal at Grappa left me feeling like crappa

My meal at Grappa left me feeling like crappa

I’m not one to slam restaurants. But this particular meal experience crosses my mind from time to time so thought I’d document it. My wife and I ate at Grappa in Watertown. We read good reviews on Yelp so we thought we’d try it. We loved the look of the place- charming and quaint. The food was not bad, but definitely not great- I would say one notch above olive garden, heavy on the creams and butter; eg. Garlic bread drenched in oil and garlic, pasta drenched in heavy carbonara sauce. The tomatoes in the caprese salad were flavorless.

Overall when we left we thought not bad, but not good either; probably won’t go back.

Flash forward to two to three hours later, my wife and I were up all night in agonizing lower abdominal stomach pain- not the kind of stomach ache that goes away when you take a few tums, but the kind where you’re thinking that jumping off a cliff might be a better fate; moaning and puking all night, not my idea of spending my Saturday night with the lady.

after our Grappa meal we clutched our stomachs

after our Grappa meal we clutched our stomachs

It couldn’t have been the wine, after all we didn’t finish the bottle. We weren’t sick before the dinner. So what could it have been? Perhaps the clams in my wife’s spaghetti with clams, the tomatoes in our caprese salad?

Where's the beef? AND the fresh tomatoes!

Where’s the beef? AND the fresh tomatoes!

Whatever the case is a good restaurant should taste good, serve fresh food, and make you want to come back.

If you want below average food and stomach aches that will make you feel like doing a Kurt Cobain, and ending it all, then head to grappa; you won’t be disappointed.

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