For Fruit Lovers Only


Watermelon is my favorite fruit. What is yours? Second place goes to mangoes, cherries, peaches, when they’re sweet, melon, any kind really, and grapes, damn I could eat those all day! The truth is I am a fruit freak. I love all fruit, even tomatoes! And it’s no secret my affinity for fruit. My goddaughter’s nickname for me? Fruit Monster. So let’s talk about fruit. What’s your second favorite fruit? Third? I love hearing about this stuff. Here, check out some fruity pictures. I’m going to the kitchen, gonna grab me some fruit.

For Fruit Lovers Only, Watermelon

An extremely large watermelon


For Fruit Lovers Only, Cherries and Mangoes

Two of my favorite fruits, cherries and mangoes


For Fruit Lovers Only, Italian Fruit Salad

Italian Fruit Salad of berries, pears, mint, fresh lemon and sugar


For Fruit Lovers Only, Italian Fruit Salad

Italian Fruit Salad of strawberries, pears, mint, lemon, and sugar


Fruit Lovers Only, Berry Tart

Fruit Lover’s w a sweet tooth will love this berry tart


For Fruit Lovers Only, Fruit Monster

Fruit Lovers. My nickname is the Fruit Monster

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