Duckfat, Some of the Best ‘not so good for you’ Food I’ve Ever Had in My Life



Review of Duckfat Portland

Some of the best ‘to so good for you’ food I’ve ever eaten at my life was at Duckfat in Portland, ME

One of the restaurants we checked out during a weekend trip to food-haven Portland, Maine, was Nancy Pugh and Rob Evans’ Duckfat.

Duck fat delivers! The waiters are confident because they know they’ll soon be serving you a top three french fry experience along w tantalizing homemade dipping sauces.

I went for lunch. It was crowded and cramped so I was glad we didn’t go for dinner.

I got the BLG (bacon lettuce goat cheese) panini along with the large hand-cut Belgium fries fried in duck fat, and a wild blueberry shake. The BGT (bacon • Fern Hill Farm goat cheese • fresh tomato) was super clean, crunchy, tasty, with a heavy, thick layer of goat cheese. The fries were just delicious; crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, and the dipping sauces (we selected lemon-herb mayo, and horseradish mayo) are addicting. The wild blueberry shake was made from highest quality ingredients although next time I think I’ll opt of the original Duckfat vanilla bean gelato milkshake!

I wouldn’t go to duckfat on a weekly basis unless you want to get (duck) fat, but check it out when visiting Portland because the chefs there do the best version of anything you get on the menu.

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