Summer Time or Anytime Gazpacho

Summer Heat Means Gazpacho

I took a perfect cooking lesson from Aran Goldstein at the Saltbox Farm in Concord and the theme was Seville, Spain. I lived in Sevilla in 1997 (as did Aran in the early 2000’s) and 17 years later, the food (and flamenco) most stands out to me. The Spaniards love their soccer, their tapas, and… 

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Midsummer Night’s Plates

Midsummer Night's Plates

Midsummer Night’s Plates Whether you are in Spain, Italy, or Wayland, Massachusetts, everyone enjoys a plate.  On a midsummer’s night, I love the tastes of the Mediterranean. I prefer my summer plates with vibrant, fresh foods that are simple, yet delicious. Fresh, colorful veggies, cheese please, a cured meat or two, something sweet whether a… 

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A Taste of the Big Time: My Audition for ABC’s The Taste

A Taste of the Big Time: My Audition for ABC's The Taste

The Chic Files emailed me a few weeks ago to tell me that ABC’s The Taste was rolling into town and that auditions would be at the Work Bar in Cambridge. I decided to get in on that action. I never auditioned for a reality show before but it wasn’t too different from acting jobs… 

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