What’s Growing? My Vegetable Garden Update

The Start of the Vegetable Garden (Early June 2013)

Okay so this is the third year that I’ve done a vegetable garden (all in pots) and here’s your flash garden update for mid July:

From the picture below you see that the Pearl hybrid cherry tomatoes are looking ripe and fertile, as are the yellow pear tomatoes. 

A month later-Pearl hybrid cherry tomatoes and Yellow Pear Tomatoes
Update on the rest of the plants: 

The zucchini plant is blooming so we’ll see what happens to this in August. 

The Golden Bell sweet peppers are blooming and producing fruit, as are the red beauty peppers. Stuffed peppers are the goal. 

Vegetable Garden  in Mid-July-A month later

The sweet basil plant is abundant. 

The jury’s out on the Armenian cucumber plant which is slowly growing -not sure if it’s going to grow large enough to bear cukes but we’ll see. 
The broccoli plant started off strong but the broccoli stopped growing and developed brownish spots on the tips – My guess is that it needs more room for growth. 

Watering the pepper plants
The mesclun plant is about all done- I got a couple good salads out of it at least.
The eggplant plant is growing but not producing any flowers so we’ll see if it does anything.
The green bean plant is growing like wildfire -I think we’re going to have some green bean meals this summer!

Tomatoes Growing the Fastest

Overall, the tomatoes are growing the fastest, followed by the peppers, followed by the green beans. 

So that’s your flash garden update for today. Maybe things will start cooking later this month. I’ll let you know if anything exciting happens.  

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