Vegetable Garden – Signs of Life!

Vegetable Garden update:
The green bean plant to the left is a funny plant whose stems love to shoot out and coil around the fence. I haven’t seen one bean yet but this plant is growing steadily. The eggplant to the right is growing very slowly. Ill be surprised if we get eggplant this year.

Green Bean Plant Left, Eggplant Plant Right

Peppers both red and yellow are growing. I’m still waiting for them to grow a bit then change color.

Red and Yellow Pepper Plants

First large tomatoes changed from green to orangish red overnight. These may be only days away from plucking.

Beefsteak Tomato Plant

The Armenian cucumber plant has been my biggest struggle this season. It started so small and never seemed to really take off. And from past season my cucumber plants grew larger than all the other veggies. However, this picture is encouraging. My cucumber bears its first flowers! 

Armenian Cucumber Plant’s first flowers
The zucchini has been a pleasant surprise. Past veggie garden years, the zucchini never succeeded. This year, the flowers and leaves are abundant!
Zucchini Plant

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