Tapas Time: Tortilla Espanola


In 96-97′, I was lucky to call Spain my home. In Sevilla, where I lived, the tortilla espanola was the Spanish equivalent of the hamburger. I ate it this delicious Spanish omellete multiple times per week, usually around 10pm, when most Spanish families eat dinner.

So I made the tortilla espanola recently and it came out just the way my host family Spanish used to do it; warm scrambled eggs, soft potatoes, a touch of ham. If you want breakfast at night, make the tortilla espanola.

Tapas Time! Tortilla Espanola Step 1: ingredients (potatoes, eggs, onions, ham)
tortilla española

Tapas Time! Tortilla Espanola Step 2: Cook potatoes/onions and add to egg mixture
tortilla española

Tapas Time! Tortilla Espanola Step 3: pour egg mixture into hot deep skillet, cook then FLIP
tortilla española

Tapas Time! Tortilla Espanola Step 4: Cut the tortilla into 8 pieces like a pie and serve w homemade Sofrito and baguette
tortilla española

Have you had tortilla espanola before? Comment below and let me know. Enjoy!

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