Scaretini, a Halloween-inspired martini


I like martinis and I love Halloween. So when I was thinking about creating the perfect Halloween-inspired martini, the Chic Files suggested that it be called, The Scaretini”. The Scaretini is a lemon martini garnished with candy corn, a sweet and sour sugar rim, and plastic (or real) 8-legged friends. This cocktail will either cure or exacerbate your arachnophobia!

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Scaretini, A halloween-inspired martini

Scaretini, A halloween-inspired martini has 2 to 1 vodka to lemonade, candy corns, and sweet n sour sugar rim (and lots of spiders)


Scaretini, a Halloween-inspired martini
Recipe type: martini
Cuisine: Cocktails
Prep time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 2
The Scaretini is a halloween-inspired martini. It's fun, tasty, and will get your spirit ready for Halloween!
  • 3 Shots of Vodka
  • 2 Shots of Lemonade
  • Ice
  • Candy Corns
  • Sweet and Sour Sugar w halloween colors
  • Plastic Spiders
  1. In a shaker mix ice with 3 parts vodka to 2 shots of lemondade. Add 3-4 candy corns in a martini glass and create asweet and sour sugar rim. Pour vodka mixture into cold martini glasses and decorate with plastic spiders.



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