TGIF, and Three Ways to Avoid Salt Hangover


It’s Friday. The work week is over for many of us and you’re pumped because tonight is your night. You get to hang out with your buddies, have multiple cocktails, and most likely you’ll eat more in the next few days than you have all week. Right? Well, here’s my advice. Just watch your salt.

salt overload

Sure, be easy on the drinks. I mean if you can’t handle it DON’T have that second martini. But what I encourage you to do this weekend is to make sure half your martini glass isn’t full of salty olive juice!

How do you keep your sodium to an acceptable level so you’re not clutching your water bottle bedside all night? Here are three ways to avoid salt hangover:

1. Take it easy with the Chinese food.

Salthy Chinese Food

Salty Chinese food and cocktails almost ensures you will need to take multiple trips to the bathroom all night.

2. Burgers and Fries are ok, but.

Salty Burger and Fries

Burgers and fries are ok, but unless you want to have dry mouth for about two days, careful with the toppings on them. If you order a burger with cheese and bacon, and then opt for the parmesan truffle fries on top of that- instead of regular -then you might be a candidate for a salt hangover!

3. Steakhouse Salt-house

Salted Baked Potato

I crave a good steak on a weekend, but almost always feel dehydrated the next day.  Yes the steak itself will probably be oversalted, but the main culprit that will cause you to chug water at 4am is the salt-crusted baked potato that comes with the steak. Sure, the salty skin of the potato tastes great for the first few bits, and yes, you were told correctly that the potato skin holds all the important nutrients, but after eating a NY strip medium rare with a large salty skinned baked potato, you will probably be the one hibernating in your bed the rest of the weekend.

So, remember. TGIF, means have a blast,  live like it’s the last day on earth, eat, drink, and be merry. But just watch your sodium intake, if you want to keep the party going!



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