A Walk Through Food Paradise, Rue Cler, Paris

One delicious day in Paris was spent on the Rue Cler.Rick Steve’s sums it up best about Rue Cler: Traffic-free since 1984— Rue Cler offers plenty of space for tiny stores and their patrons to spill into the street. It’s an ideal environment for this ritual to survive and for you to explore. The street is lined with the essential shops — wine, cheese, chocolate, bread. 
Our walk through the Rue Cler reminded me of what Paris might have been like in the early 1900’s; the cobblestone streets, the smell of fresh flowers, the cheese shop, the fish market; it was a carnival of fine, simple foods! 
Fruit Stand, Rue Cler, Paris

Meats of Rue Cler, Paris
Sausages and Fresh Breads, Rue Cler, Paris
Eating Grilled Sausage on the Rue Cler, Paris
Cheese Shop, Rue Cler, Paris
Inside a Cheese Shop, Rue Cler, Paris
Fresh-Cut Flowers, Rue Cler, Paris
Ice Cream, Rue Cler, Paris

Eclairs, Paris

Macaroons Variety, Rue Cler, Paris


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