Maple Syrup: Keep It On the Real

So after running the Brighton Artesani 5K with Sandy and Danielson, we all went to the Watertown Diner to get some essential post-running food-eggs, bacon, and pancakes. Anytime a waitress comes around at a diner, I ask only one important question, “Do you have real maple syrup?”. Lucky for me, the waitress this day responds affirmatively, and for one extra buck, hands me a jug of pure Maple Syrup. Not to knock Mrs. Butterworths, she sounds like a very nice lady, but when it comes to the quintessential pancake experience, go spend that extra buck and like Three Times Krazy, get the real!  
Showing Mrs. Butterworths Syrup the door. 

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  1. Ann Marie B says

    I totally agree! Real is the way to go. On that note, you all should come up this way and try Parker’s Maple Barn. Amazing breakfast and of course, real syrup.

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