Get a Table at Woods Hill Table

Woods Hill Table has similar food to that you you find at say a Sycamore restaurant in Newton; a sustainable, organic, and locally sourced restaurant with seasonal ingredients. What separates Woods Hill Table from Sycamore are two things 1. the menu is larger, with more variety to choose from and 2. the restaurant is really cool and spacious inside. On my last trip to Woods Hill Table I got the Cheese Plate, the pasture raised chicken, and the Chocolate Bisquit Coulant (Concord grape, peanut brittle, dulce de Leche ice cream), all excellent-well prepared and well presented. The drinks are awesome, the ambience is cool and comfortable, the food is spectacular. Woods Hill Table is king of the ‘metro-west Boston’ hill as far as I’m concerned.


the food at Woods Hill Table

the cheese plate, the Woods Hill Farm pasture raised, and the Chocolate Bisquit Coulant