Nzuko is a Gem Tucked inside a Strip Mall

I went to Nzuko several months ago because I had a drive to MGH and needed something I could eat with one hand while driving. The sandwich I ordered was a jerk chicken wrap and I polished it all before I even got onto the Mass Pike! Ever since, I’ve been going to Nzuko weekly for dinner and haven’t looked back. The restaurant is a gem because it serves healthy food and soups that are flavorful and not overly salted. It’s hard pressed to find Caribbean/Mediterranean style restaurants in the burbs that are healthy. The wraps are super flavorful with sweet plantains inside along with jerk chicken giving it a spicy, sweet, out of this world contrast of flavors. The genius of their wraps is that the flavors inside the wrap are so delicious that you don’t mind that they are all inside a bland but healthy tasting whole wheat wrap! The wrap is just doing what it’s supposed to do and that’s to hold all the good cuisine together! The restaurant inside is very charming too, a lot of personal touches with a laid back islandy vibe. We need more Nzukos! I’m both Caribbean and Mediterranean and I give this restaurant two big thumbs up.

Nzuko a Gem in a stripmall

Appetizer of the Year

Antipasto Plate at Pomodoro, North End….Heaven Have you had the antipasto plate at Pomodoro? If not, you got to make a reservation and try this plate!  Everything on the antipasto plate is delicious, from the stuffed cherry peppers to the fried artichokes.  

You scream, I scream. We all scream, for ice cream

It’s officially summertime. It’s hot in the Boston area and it’s time for some ice cream. I don’t go to a lot of websites. But one that I do check out regularly is Ice Cream Informant . This guy reviews ice cream and I usually agree with his reviews. I eat ice cream just about every… 

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The Food in Paris is WONDERFUL

Just a little ode to some of the food in Paris.  Food in Paris is WONDERFUL (nicoise salad) whether it’s a Filet w a side of bone marrow chocolate souffle a homemade chicken stew a cheese plate steak frites! chocolate profiteroles or a toast on the seventh arrondissement it’s just another day in the bite!