Shake Shack is Like a More Expensive Higher Quality McDonalds Which is a Good Thing

Just like McDonalds, Shake shack is comfort food; soft bun, melted cheese, thin juicy burger, crinkle cut fries, and thick milkshakes. The only difference between McDonalds and Shake Shack is that Shack Shack food is just higher quality, and for that reason you’re going to pay higher prices!

We got two cheese burgers, the chicken sandwich, and vanilla milkshake at Shake Shack which rang to around 35 bucks. All the food items were delicious, the vanilla milkshake is thick and custardy, the burger was juicy delicious, the fries are pretty good, but nothing to write home about. The chicken sandwich was the best fried chicken sandwich I’ve ever had. It was just flavorful from first bite to last and their special mayo sauce has a little kick to it. Because of the price, we won’t be going to Shake shack on a weekly basis but I am definitely looking forward to our next visit there.

Shake Shack is Like a More Expensive Higher Quality McDonalds Which is a Good Thing


Best Eggs Benedict I’ve Ever Had

I like Eggs Benedict but I don’t have it often … enough. It seems that eggs benedict quality varies from place to place. But once in awhile everything flows in the benedict; the sauce is tangy, the english muffin is slightly toasted, the ham is sweet and salty, and the poached egg drizzles yoke all… 

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Appetizer of the Year

Antipasto Plate at Pomodoro, North End….Heaven Have you had the antipasto plate at Pomodoro? If not, you got to make a reservation and try this plate!  Everything on the antipasto plate is delicious, from the stuffed cherry peppers to the fried artichokes.  

You scream, I scream. We all scream, for ice cream

It’s officially summertime. It’s hot in the Boston area and it’s time for some ice cream. I don’t go to a lot of websites. But one that I do check out regularly is Ice Cream Informant . This guy reviews ice cream and I usually agree with his reviews. I eat ice cream just about every… 

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The Food in Paris is WONDERFUL

Just a little ode to some of the food in Paris.  Food in Paris is WONDERFUL (nicoise salad) whether it’s a Filet w a side of bone marrow chocolate souffle a homemade chicken stew a cheese plate steak frites! chocolate profiteroles or a toast on the seventh arrondissement it’s just another day in the bite!