Trick or Treat? I Got Tricked at Fancy Greek Restaurant Milos


Got tricked at Milos in Montreal

Trick or Treat?

I got tricked at fancy Greek restaurant Milos in Montreal.

During our trip to Montreal, we were looking forward the most to dining at Milos. It’s hard to find authentic Greek food outside of Greece. Greek food when done right is farm fresh, sea fresh, simple flavors, and the highest in quality and freshness.

Milos is a very expensive restaurant. It’s a place to be seen. People go there dressed up. It looks the part. Did it taste the part? No!

We first ordered the fried zucchini stack which was a tower of fried zucchini wheels with a side of tsatziki. It sounded good on paper but the tsatziki was thick and bland, lacked freshness, and the fried zucchini was really oily. Price of this appetizer? 20 bucks! The rack of lamb was small and came with a tiny side dish. How much are main dishes with meager portions at Milos? 50 bucks!

No one working at Milos was Greek. The hostess wasn’t Greek, the chefs and the waiters weren’t Greek. The only Greeks at Milos were the accountants in the back room counting your money for the 30 dollar appetizers.

I am Greek, visited Greece, and there is nothing like Greek food when it’s done right. On that note, Milos is one of the most disappointing restaurant experiences I’ve ever had. We ate our greasy appetizer, cancelled the main courses, and went to the fabulous Holder Restaurant instead.

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