Taking a Pizza my Heart

Pizza Margherita, Amalfi Coast, Italy

I love pizza and my guess is that you love pizza too. 

Now if you get a chance to go to Italy, and I hope you do one day, you will not want to come back home after trying their pizza

Enjoying Pizza Margherita at Chez Black, Amalfi Coast, Italy

While it’s hard to find great pizza outside of Italy, (and yes there are a lot of pizza imposters out there who put cheese on bread and call it pizza), you can find good, delicious pizza. 

Hidden gem? Alta Strada in Wellesley. Insider Tip? Go to the take-out market, not the restaurant. The dough is thin but not too thin. The sauce is sweet but not too sweet and tangy as well. The cheese is salty but not too salty. And the toppings don’t overwhelm the rest of the pie. You want a very solid, crust to cheese to sauce  to topping ratio, get a pie from Alta Strada. 

Pepperoni, Mushroom Pizza at Alta Strada, Wellesley, MA

Do you know of any other hidden pizza gems? Let me know and I’m there before you finish your crust! 

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