La Campagnia: Expensive, Crowded, and Underwhelming


La Campagnia, Expensive, Crowded, Underwhelming

My wife and I got back from a disappointing and expensive meal at La Campagnia in Waltham, MA.

The restaurant is beautiful. It is cozy, dimly litted, and adorned with many Italian art and sculptures.

The cocktails and wine were solid.

The pizza Margarita was average. The flavors were overpowered by salt and the crust lacked texture-the crust was thin and crispy.

My wife’s risotta was ok but again the flavors were overpowered by cream and salt.

Now for the bad part. My pasta and Kobi meatballs were awful. The meatballs were tough, salty, and lacking flavor, the pasta sauce was a Sugo reduction of wine and it was salty and left a thick film on your lips after tasting. The pasta that came with the dish was tough, and didn’t gel well with the rest of the dish.

The bread and olive oil was nice. The bread had caramelized onion which was a nice touch and the olive oil a high quality.

Overall, for 120 dollars, I felt underwhelmed by the food. I didn’t get a sense that the chefs in the kitchen were on top of their game and by the taste of the food, they weren’t even in the game!

Not bad food at La Campagnia but for the money you can definitely get much better, authentic food in the North End. Overly salty food, overly priced. I’ve been to Italy, and La Campagnia underwhelms.

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