Karamel Sutra Core Ice Cream Review


Ben & Jerrys put out their latest ice cream series with a core center of either raspberry, fudge, or caramel. I wanted to have an “ultimate ice cream experience”, so I bought the Karamel Sutra Core and gave it a whirl!

Karamel Sutra Core Ice Cream Review

Karamel Sutra Core is creamy and flavorful. Gives absolute pleasure of eating this new one from Ben & Jerry’s


The result? I loved this ice cream. It was creamy, it had some different flavor profiles going on with the chocolate ice cream, juxtaposed with the sweet caramel ice cream (more like a vanilla ice cream base with a hint of caramel), and even had some delicious chocolate chips in there! The caramel core was pretty darn delicious but a tad overwhelming. At first you can’t get enough of the caramel, but after the tenth bite, you go into a slight caramel coma and have to put the spoon down. So my advice is to be sure not to eat the full carton in one sitting or you might not want to eat caramel for about a year or two. There is one improvement that I think Ben & Jerrys could make to Karamel Sutra Core which would have made it my greatest ice cream of all time.  The taste of the caramel itself was a bit too sweet and not chewy enough. If they salt that caramel just a bit and make it chewier, then I’d run to the grocery store now for another carton. Instead, I’m going to wait it out a few weeks, try a different core, and go back to the delicious Karamel Sutra Core!

Karamel Sutra Core Ice Cream Review

Have you tried Karamel Sutra Core yet? Let me know what you think!!

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