The One Dollar and Fifty Cent Martini

Tanqueray Gin Martini -make it at home!
I get it, sometimes we want to splurge. We work hard during the week and we want to go out for dinner and drinks. We want someone else to do the cooking and then we order …. a ten dollar cocktail! 

Sometime those ten dollar cocktails can put a hurting on your wallet and make you feel hungover without having a drink! 
That’s why I decided to do an experiment. I recently bought some Tanqueray, vermouth, and olives. I made a couple of killer martinis, and the bottle of Tanqueray?? It was hardly touched! 
So that’s when I decided to do a little math and this is what I come up with: 

Bottle of Tanqueray: $28
Bottle Vermouth: $10
Olives: $7
Total Spent: $45
Approx. number of martinis I can make: 30
That’s a 1 dollar and 50 cent martini!
Me with my Ten Dollar Gin Martini (and oysters) at Legal Sea Foods
So while we all love to go out, sometimes it’s ok to stay at home. Make your own cocktails and save about a tenth of what it would cost for you to buy a drink at a restaurant. Plus, no need for a designated driver! 

A Tanqueray Martini at home,  Total Price $1.50

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