My Review of The Grill Room, Portland


Bad Burger, Average Fries, Rude Service (especially toward babies)

The Grill Room, Portland, My Review

Our hotel made reservations for us at the Grill Room, and I regret that decision. The hostess had no personality, gave no eye contact and just said “you are the ones who just called” and sat us at our table. The table was isolated from the rest of the restaurant and the baby seat that they gave us had splinters on it and had Grill Room food all over it, from last week.! The waitress didn’t say hi to us or acknowledge our baby, but instead started to recite her canned speech on the daily specials. After getting talked through (not talked to) for a few minutes, we place our order and the food doesn’t arrive for 30 minutes. We ordered a pizza and burger!! The bread that came to the table was a cold focaccia with no flavor, and guess what my hamburger buns were made of? The same effin cold focaccia that came to the table with the butter. The burger made me yearn for a McDonalds Big Mac, and I haven’t eaten there in about fifteen years. The fries that came with the burger were a cardiac special. They gave you about 100 greasy fries with rosemary on in. Normally I don’t have a problem eating a bucket of fries, but these fries lacked flavor again and were slightly soggy. The only thing that was decent about the pepperoni pizza that we ordered was that the pepperonis were slightly charred. I like crispy pepperonis, but they probably didn’t mean to do that so I’m not giving the chef any credit there. The rest of the pizza was super boring, no freshness to the tomato sauce, crust was bland, and cheese was runny. One positive note was that the beers were good, but you can’t really eff up a beer in Portland Maine. The funny thing was while my wife and I couldn’t wait to get out of there, our baby was having a ball! She was coloring and singing out loud. You got to give credit to our 1 year old daughter, she doesn’t let bad restaurants and atrocious service affect her!

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