Consistent Cottage Restaurant


Consistent Cottage Restaurant

I’m plugging one of my favorite go-to restaurants, The Cottage in Wellesley. Whether it’s for breakfast, brunch, or lunch (haven’t been there for dinner yet :), I’ve enjoyed my meal and service each and every time! I wouldn’t say that anything on the menu is going to necessarily blow you away (except the burger which was amazing!) but each plate that comes to the table is very good and always consistent! The french toast is very good, the pancakes are delicious, the omelettes are fluffy and the ingredients inside fresh and flavorful! There is nothing mushy about the chicken salad inside the chicken salad sandwiches; the filling has big tasty chunks of fresh chicken, crunchy nuts, and fresh chopped grapes. Is the chicken tortilla soup better than one you’d get in Los Angeles? Not really, but it’s better than most chicken tortilla soups you’d get in the Boston area! The Cottage ambience is bright, open, and cheery feeling, not dreary feeling! The waitstaff has always been professional and they get the food out quickly! For these reasons, I go to the Cottage whenever I can. The cottage is my Regal Beagle!

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