Cake Wars: High-End Cake Versus Sister-in-Law’s Cupcakes

So I went to my Greek brother-in-laws birthday party last week and Heather, my sister-in law, made some chocolate cupcakes from scratch. She puts them on a glass dish, and tells us all to dig in, to which I obliged.  
Heather’s cupcakes are moist, delicious, sweet, and chocolaty. They are retro-cupcakes. They remind you of delicious cupcakes you had as a kid. Here’s a pix. 
Heather’s homemade chocolate cupcakes. Remember the good ones you had as a kid? 
Now for my wife’s 100th blog post for her fashion and lifestyle blog, The Chic Files, I decided to surprise her with a cake from Rosie’s Bakery. The cake was decorated nicely with ribbon, purple-colored frosting, and even a high-heel shoe on it. It was a vanilla and chocolate layered cake inside. The cost? $40. You would expect nothing less than a stellar cake for forty bucks, right? Didn’t happen! The cake was dry inside, the frosting was more buttery than sweet, and the frosting to cake proportion was uneven. 

A Rosie’s Bakery chocolate, vanilla cake. Good on the outside, “hollow” on the inside. 

When we returned home the night of my wife’s blog celebration, I had a late-night snack. I had a choice between Rosie’s cake and Heather’s cupcakes. What did I choose? Not the cake!


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