The Worst Burger I’ve Ever Had was at Todd English’s Blue Zoo in Orlando

The worst burger of my life was at Todd English's Blue Zoo

The worst burger of my life was at Todd English’s Blue Zoo in Orlando

I don’t write many reviews putting down restaurants but I can’t get the bad taste of my mouth.

Todd English’s Blue Zoo in Orlando. Gorgeous restaurant, dimly lit bar with blue ambient lighting, a good wine pour, then the burger came out.

I asked the bartender for a medium rare burger. He says because their house burger has pork shoulder it has to come out medium well. He should have said it would come out medium unwell!

The burger comes out and it’s a very tough chew and heavily salted. Plus it’s drowned in a yellow cheese that had the consistency of cheese whiz, and the only garnishes that come with it is some type of aioli and bread and butter pickles. No lettuce, no tomato, or onion to soften the salty blow.

The fries were below par and super dry. They had a lot of crunch on the outside, probably double fried, but no texture on the inside, and they come out cold. I was starved and still couldn’t finish this burger, it was so horrible tasting.

Todd English should be embarrassed by his Blue Zoo burger. He’s a great chef, so he probably has no idea how bad the Blue Zoo burger is. Lesson learned, just because a celebrity chef puts his name on the menu, it doesn’t mean he’s cooking it! Gordon Ramsey has a restaurant in Vegas, and his burger was so bad my little bro could’t finish it.

So overall, the restaurant Blue Zoo is gorgeous to look at. The drinks were solid, bartenders were cool, and the burger was expensive and disgusting.

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