Bertuccis Makes Good But Inconsistent Pizzas


Bertuccis Review

Bertuccis makes good pizza, about 2/3 of the time. Two out of three times you visit, you’ll get a good pie where the dough will be chewy yet slightly charred and crispy, with a very good ratio of cheese to sauce to toppings. But one of of the three visits, you will get a disappointing pizza. For example, I called Bertuccis a few weeks ago, and Alex on the phone told me that the pick up order would take thirty five to forty five minutes. The pizza took one hour and fifteen minutes, and the pizza was overcooked and prepared poorly. I ordered a large pizza with half puccillo (peppers, onions, pepperoni, mushroom, sausage) and all of the green peppers were on two of the four slices, and half sporkie (sausage, ricotta cheese) and some of the slices had no ricotta, and only one of those four slices had any cheese at all. The careless pizza maker did a lazy job distributing the ingredients! So here is an inside tip for you. Make sure you order your Bertuccis pizza before the dinner rush. You want to make sure that the pizza maker is focused on your pizza and not overwhelmed by tons of other orders. Take it from me, I’ve had raw pizzas and I’ve had burnt ones. But two out of three times your Bertuccis pizza will come just right!


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