ARAKAS (Greek Peas in Tomato Sauce)

I’m half Greek and I’m a Greek food addict. I don’t really appreciate the Greek food you find in most Greek restaurants around the Boston area. Those restaurants make fatty, greasy, salty, Americanized Greek food. I like the farm-fresh, simple, delicious Greek food you find at say a Taverna in Greece. 
One of my go-to Greek dishes is Arakas. I cook Arakas a lot because it’s so easy to make, and takes you back to the motherland. If you like Greek food, make this dish! 
Arakas (Greek peas in tomato sauce) Step 1: ingredients – #peas, #dill#scallions, whole peeled#tomatoes#water, salt and pepper, olive oil
Arakas (Greek peas in tomato sauce) step 2: sauté green onions in olive oil
Arakas (Greek peas in tomato Sauce) Step 3: add tomatoes, peas, water, salt, pepper, and fresh dill

Arakas (Greek peas in tomato Sauce) Step 4: Serve your arakas either as a side dish or main course. Either way serve arakas with plain Greek yogurt for amazing results. 

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