Scaretini, a Halloween-inspired martini

Scaretini, A halloween-inspired martini

I like martinis and I love Halloween. So when I was thinking about creating the perfect Halloween-inspired martini, the Chic Files suggested that it be called, The Scaretini”. The Scaretini is a lemon martini garnished with candy corn, a sweet and sour sugar rim, and plastic (or real) 8-legged friends. This cocktail will either cure… 

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Tomato Braised Cauliflower

Braised Cauliflower with Tomatoes

Plain cauliflower is a pretty bland to the taste. Raw or steamed cauliflower can make broccoli taste like a veal chop! But if you first saute some onion, garlic and other spices, then slowly cook the cauliflower in tomatoes, now your cauliflower’s got staying-power! This dish can be used as a sauce or a side… 

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